Tara Weinstein

TW-J0104_YSBD_by-John-AbbottPhysics teacher by day, dancer by night, Tara Weinstein has been teaching Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Balboa since 2006. Although she had studied ballet for years as a child in Canada, she started swing dancing while living in Providence, RI, and served on the Board of Directors for Providence Swings for five years before moving to NYC. In addition to local and regional workshops and classes, Tara has taught at Beantown Camp, Boston Tea Party, Lindy Focus, New Year’s Dancin’ Eve, and Smorgasbord, among others. Students value Tara’s clarity, emphasis on technique, sense of fun, and constant reminders to pulse. She can be seen dancing all over the city and hopes that you will ask her to dance!

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