Ricardo Torres

Ricardo TorresRicardo was born in Cartegena, Colombia. As a child he studied Ballet and Columbian folk dance. At 14, Ricardo joined the dance group “Caleh” to later becoming the Director and performing throughout Colombia. At 16, Ricardo joined the well known choreographer Oscar Ochoa’s dance troupe, one of the most famous in Colombia. In his college years Ricardo was part of various dance troups including Tierras Colombianas, Ballet de Colombia, Ballet Folklorico Colombiano, and later expanded to Jazz, Modern, Contemporary and Folk dances touring all over the globe.

Ricardo eventually moved to the US and immediately became a featured dancer in New York City with Latino American Dance Company, directed by Yamile Del Castillo. Ricardo began teaching and competing in Ballroom and other dances in 1996. He joined YSBD…! in 1990 and has been a valued instructor and Associated Director of the school and one of the most popular instructors and influential leaders.
Ricardo dancing a foxtrot with a student at our 2014 Winter Bash Party.