Luiz Claudio Martins & Denise Serpa*

Luiz Claudio Martins & Denise Serpa are dancer partners, teachers and choreographers from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, specialized in brazilian and latin dances: Samba “no pé”, Samba de Gafieira, Forró and Salsa, as well as Afro dance.

They have done performances and workshops in Brazil and worldwide (Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Argentina, United States and Canada)

In Brazil, they have also been in music and dance festivals (such as Rock in Rio), TV clips and shows, as well as danced in many big corporate events at major venues.

They have worked in renown dance companies and schools, until founding our own dance studio in Brazil: Luiz & Denise Danças.

Luiz Claudio Martins
Professional dancer for more than 20 years, Luiz is specialized in Samba no pé, Samba de gafieira, Forró, Salsa, and afro dance. He was a member of one of the most famous samba dance groups in Rio de Janeiro (i.e., Carlinhos de Jesus dance company) for 10 years, as well as teached at Carlinhos de Jesus dance school for 15 years. He was also a member of the Carnaval samba school – the famous Estação Primeira de Mangueira – for 6 years, being part of several samba performances.

He has participated in dance scenes in television and cinema, and has performed shows and workshops in Brazil and worldwide. Luiz is also graduated in dance by Estacio de Sá University in Rio.

Denise Serpa
Dancer since childhood, specialized in Jazz at the time with Regina Sauer, she fell in love with brazilian and latin dance styles in 2001. She works as a teacher, dancer and choreographer in Samba, Forró, Gafieira, Salsa and Lindy Hop. She has taught workshops and performed in many cities in Brazil and around the world.

In 2011 she was named international ambassador of Lindy Hop in Brazil, by the Frankie Manning Foundation, due to her work done with Lindy Hop there, along with Luiz.