Laura Chieko

Laura Chieko loves to dance, even more than she loves shoes. Starting with marching band, Laura has trained in various movement styles for over 15 years. Since 2006, Laura has focused on vernacular social dance. She has trained extensively in Lindy hop, balboa, and blues, and dabbled in a myriad of other dance styles. She is known for her grace, enchanting performance, and effortless following. Her musical training informs her intricate musicality and opinions on how clarinets should sound. Laura loves blues for its emphasis on connection and the rich diversity in its music which she seeks to celebrate on and off the dance floor. On that dance floor, she is best known for her poise, ability to rock the color orange, and occasionally winning things.

Laura focuses on teaching vernacular blues dances to honor the rich history and culture of the music and dance.  She is known for her wide variety including struttin, slow drag, Latin blues, and numerous other traditional blues dances. One of the top competitors in the blues scene, Laura won the bluesSHOUT! 2016 all-star Jack and Jill with Damon Stone and the Snowbound 2016 all-star strictly with Ross Blythe.

An educator in dance halls and traditional classrooms, Laura has been teaching for over a decade. Laura is known for her sunny disposition, student engagement, and captivating exploration of tiny details. She pulls from her wide cross training to create classes accessible to a broad range of students.

2016 bluesSHOUT! All Star Jack & Jill with Damon Stone

Snowbound 2016 All-star strictly with Ross Blythe