Galit Weinfeld

Galit openly shares her passion of dance with delight and energy. Known for her bright smile and patience, she makes learning a fun event

As an instructor, Galit lovingly crafts her lessons with intention. From fundamentals to advanced topics, she models her classes to be experiences of accessibility, knowledge and joy.

Galit earned her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from The University of Colorado, Boulder with a focus in Dance Pedagogy. She has studied several dance forms including Blues, Swing, Tango, Transnational Dance Fusion, Jazz, Modern, Aerial, Ghanaian, Ballet, Breaking and B-Boying. Her varied training gives Galit a unique viewpoint on visual learning and instruction. Since 2011, Galit has been professionally teaching, performing, competing and creating solo and partner dances at dance events across the US. She has shown her work in Denver, Chicago and New York City.