Elkin Guerra

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Elkin baja defA dancer with 13 years of experience as a social dancer, teacher, performer and dj. His first Argentine Tango steps were in his hometown, Bogota, Colombia, in 2003. He was studying to be a sociologist, studying acting and he also became a part of the Argentine Tango group in the University and performed, mostly Scenario (Stage) Tango, with his colleagues for almost 4 years.

After deciding to pursue the opportunity of studying in the National University of Mexico (UNAM), he continued to develop his artistic passions. It was in Mexico City that he developed a true passion for social tango. There he met Valesa Rivera, an amazing dancer who helped develop the tango community of the University of Berkeley amongst many different projects around the world teaching and performing in festivals and events. With Valesa he started to understand the true nature of Argentine Tango as a social dance that involves a deep connection with the body and the partner. After advancing through her lessons he started assisting her at Los Talleres de Coyoacán in México City. As his career as sociologist was taking off, he continued pursuing his goal of improving and developing his own way of dancing in Mexico over the next 4 years. Finally, in 2010 finishing his study and work in Mexico, he had the opportunity to study in a master’s degree on social policies in Buenos Aires. This was an opportunity he could not pass up.

Once in Buenos Aires, in the middle of a whole world of teachers and schools, he found Julio Balmaceda and Corina De La Rosa, renowned masters of masters at their classes. He studied with them for over 3 years in all their lessons and complimenting  other top notch masters as Gustavo & Giselle Anne among others. So, after two years in Buenos Aires and 9 years of taking lessons, practicing and dancing at milongas he was encouraged to start assisting to his master’s lessons, and then encouraged to teach his own classes.

Is in that way that Elkin started to teach tango lessons in Buenos Aires in 2012, right when he met his first partner Laura Rajneri. After a couple months and during 2 years he partnered with Laura, the final step before he completely devoted his life exclusively to Argentine Tango. By Laura’s suggestion he met Olga Besio. She had had the greatest influence on him as an artist and teacher. Together the three made an immersive process of learning Argentine Tango in the dimensions of dancing, performing and teaching this dance. The result was that Elkin discovered his own way of dancing and teaching, aside of his partner and with the guidance of Olga. Elkin and Laura performed and taught in Buenos Aires for 3 years. They were also invited to perform and teach in many locations in Europe, Russia and South America in the last 3 years. But he returned to Buenos Aires to keep improving his dance and his method.

Now he is based in New York, a decision he made after falling in love of its tango community and the place life and him chose to stay to develop his present and future artistic projects, hoping that this new relationship endures and strengthens for a long time.