CikoCiko was drawn to Tango at social dance floors of New York City in 2004 by the magical energy and exchange she saw on the dance floor. Her motivation to pursue tango has been the connection to another soul & body, as well as her own, through a music that inspires her.

She has studied with prestigious teachers/dancers of US, Europe and Buenos Aires and danced all over the US, Canada and Buenos Aires which contributed to her rapid progress and recognition.

During her visits to Buenos Aires she focused solely in the dance in its original grounds exploring and studying both traditional and nuevo tango with the grandfathers of this dance which developed the Argentine quality in her dance. She embraced both open and close embrace which allowed the ability to move fluidly between the two and be more dynamic and versatile. Her technique enables sharp movements effortlessly and gives her a non-restrictive connection with various dancers. Her dance is defined by its sensuality, creative playfulness, musicality and elasticity.

She emphasizes the importance of a good technique with a comfortable, musical walk over complicated moves. Her goal as a teacher is to bring her students’ personality out in their dance by teaching them the music and the concept of countless possibilities the dance offers. She cannot over emphasize the value of being an active follower which makes the dance much more interactive and fun.

She strongly believes in learning by having fun and relaxing and experimenting. This dance is about getting to know your body, your partner and the music. And it’s spiritual and it’s challenging and it’s far from ever getting redundant.

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