Anna Tabolina

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Florida State Champion in all four styles. Finalist of the biggest competitions in  Europe, Asia & United States. Boca’s Ballroom Battle winner of 2016.

Anna was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. At the age of three she started to take ballet classes. At seven years old took up Ballroom Dancing. First time she competed being only seven and right away took the first place. Anna started competing all around the world at the age of nine. Taking part in the international dance camps with the best coaches worldwide Anna gained experience in Jazz, hip-hip, contemporary and acting. By sixteen years of age she started to work as a dance teacher. Few years later she moved to United States and now Anna is competing, choreographing shows and coaching students. She takes place as a teacher at dance camps and work-shops. Anna loves to share her knowledge, experience & passion for dancing with everyone who enjoys this magnificent form of art.