Salsa on 2

In a nutshell, the Salsa/Mambo basic step is defined by a “quick-quick-slow” to the rhythm of the percussion.  The “break step” can be done on any of the 8-beats that of the music.  In New York Style Salsa/Mambo, the break step occurs on the 2nd beat of the music, hence the name “On2”!

Open Work Classes: When you are not dancing with your partner, it’s time to shine!  Traditionally called Shines, open work is free-form musical expression that can be done while dancing alone or with partner.   From the basic step to sliding across the dance floor, shines make up the essence of this dance.

Partner Work Classes: An enjoyable  and very popular part of salsa/mambo is Partner Work.  In Partner Work class, you will learn everything you need to confidently and gracefully lead or follow (or both!) a partner on the dance floor.   In the class, you will rotate and practice with different students so no need to worry about bringing a partner- just your dance shoes!

Men’s & Ladies’  Styling Class: Develop more sophisticated movement and expression in your dancing through styling.  Styling involves coordinating your arm movements with all aspects of your dancing.  This class is recommended only to those students have mastered the basics of Salsa Mambo “On2”.

Spinning Technique Class: Our spinning technique teaches you balance, spotting, posture and fluidity in turns and moving across the floor.  Your goal is not to be confined to choreographed turns and spins but to be free to spin from any position, on any leg, at will.  Appropriate for all levels of students.

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