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Cha Cha originating in the late 1940’s in Cuba, as an offshoot of Mambo, can be considered the mother of modern day salsa.  With a basic step similar to Mambo and a distinctive “triple” or shuffle step, the slower speed of cha cha allows dancers to learn more subtle yet complex ways of interacting with Latin music.   Knowing Cha Cha also makes some of the best Latin Music (from Tito Puente in the Palladium Era to the 60’s Boogaloo Era) available to you as a dancer.


Upcoming Events

DateTimeTypeTitleDance StyleInstructorSkill Level
Feb. 22 (Sat)08:00pm-12:00amPartyIt's Not Just Ballroom Dance PartyBallroom, Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Latin Dances, Swing, West Coast Swing
Feb. 28 (Fri)10:00pm-02:00amPartyLatin Fridays with AbakuaCha-Cha, Latin Dances, Salsa on 2

*Guest Instructor