Afro-Caribbean Body Movement & Isolations

A.C.B.M Isolations is the fundamental practice of Afro-Latin Funk. It is a system of exercises designed to develop range of motion, as well as fine control of the entire body. By isolating parts of the body and using them to individually repeat the characteristic movements of African based disciplines, this practice systematically conditions the body section by section, to respond to music in the desired fashion.

Practiced several times a week, A.C.B.M Isolations provides a separate time to deal with the body and the feeling of Afro-Caribbean music, to make the practitioner much more receptive and adept in all other facets of practice. This practice teaches the sequential structure of movement in coordination with sophisticated rhythmical structures to develop a high level of quality and musicality that puts the practitioner in a position to express themselves musically with every part of their bodies.

Isolation practice begins with light stretching of the major body parts involved, after which the Teacher silently leads the practitioners through the specific exercises to African based music, creating a meditative environment of pure movement and concentration. Through complete absorption in the music and concentration on moving with the teacher, the practitioner can directly experience the possibilities of rhythmical phrasing and subtle movement that will continue to mature and develop as long as they continue to practice. Isolation training is a continuous practice that changes the body year after year and yields ever-growing maturity of movement and possibilities for expression.

Appropriate for all levels of students.

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