Wedding Packages


Wedding Dance Programs

Private lessons are the best way to achieve results in the shortest period of time. You move at your own pace with individualized attention. This is appropriate for both singles and couples. Students progress from Bronze level through Silver and on to Gold! Prices are always reasonable ranging from $99 per hour down to as low as $90 per hour, depending on the Discount Package plan you choose.

Private Lesson Packages (expire 6 months from purchase date)

Package    Payment Avg. $ Per
1 Lesson:    $99 $99
5 Lessons:   $475 $95 ($25 Savings)
10 Lessons:   $900 $90 ($90 Savings)

In order to purchase lessons, scroll over to the drop-down menu and select “Private Lessons”. This will take you to our online store to purchase your desired package. If you forgot your password, click on “forgot password’ in order to log in to your Mindbody account.

Private lessons are 55 minutes in length. Does not guarantee a private room. Masks are required and must be worn during the entire duration of the lesson.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on private lessons to avoid being charged.

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